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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

Making 70K A Year As A BUSINESS ANALYST Working From Home

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Making 70K A Year As A BUSINESS ANALYST Working From Home

Date: 2021-07-20 12:53:01


How Much Do Business Analysts Make? Pippa Goualin (32 from Kent, UK) is a Business Analyst making £70K A Year as a Single Parent with time left for her Yoga Side Hustle. Binge on the series here ✅


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★★ ABOUT US ★★


I’m married to Ken and we have two boys aged 8 and 6. I’m a Londoner, born in Hackney! 🙂

Day to day, I run the operations of The Humble Penny as a creative – doing everything from marketing to video editing. I studied Multi-media design and technology at Uni.

When I’m not creating, I love vegan food, traveling, working out and doing some outdoor fun things with my husband and kids 🙂


I’m a husband to Mary and daddy first and foremost.

Former CFO by day with over 12 years experience in the investment business. I’m a Chartered Accountant and hold an MBA from Cambridge University.

To explore my creativity, I’m a blogger, youtuber, speaker, etc. I create from my experiences as a family man and First Generation Immigrant.

I have a passion for all things Personal Finance, Business and Personal Development. I also love Photography, Music, Travel, and Sport.

We became Financially Independent aged 34 and our story has been featured on the BBC, Mail Online, Channel 5, Metro, etc.


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Visit our online school at Financial Joy Academy for Video Courses:

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0:00 – Intro & Meet Pippa
0:19 – What does a Business Analyst do?
1:10 – How did you get into being a Business Analyst?
1:57 – Day in the life of a Business Analyst
3:16 – Top 3 things that make you a success as a Business Analyst?
4:09 – What kinds of conflicts do you face in your role?
7:06 – What do you love about being a Business Analyst?
7:41 – Most challenging aspect of being a Business Analyst?
8:25 – How much money do you make as a Business Analyst?
9:09 – What else are you doing to make extra money?
9:56 – Maximum income potential as a Business Analyst?
11:00 – Plans to increase your current level of income? How?
11:45 – How are you finding time for your side hustle?
11:52 – What are your working hours per day?
12:30 – Is becoming a Business Analyst idea if you want to start a family?
13:05 – Can you work remotely as a Business Analyst?
13:47 – Top 3 pieces of advice to become a Business Analyst?
15:01 – How can people practically network to become Business Analysts?
15:39 – How would you describe your relationship with money?
16:53 – What did you learn from your parents about money growing up?
18:40 – What do you spend most of your money on?
20:09 – Money mistake or regret growing up and what you learnt?
22:14 – What would you say is your ultimate financial goal?
24:44 – Final words from us

Massive thanks for watching and following our channel 🙂 ♥

Best, Ken and Mary

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Making £70K A Year As A BUSINESS ANALYST Working From Home

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