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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

What monopoly can teach you about money

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What monopoly can teach you about money

Date: 2021-06-08 11:23:38


Monopoly is a fun game can be played and enjoyed for hours, but did you know that besides becoming a real estate mogul, it can teach you a couple of things about money. Well, in this video, we’ll share with you a few lessons that apply not only to the board game but also in the world of finance and investing. Enjoy!

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(00:27) 1. Always have cash on hand
(01:27) 2. Patience pays
(02:25) 3. Focus on cash flow
(03:26) 4. The most expensive asset is not always the best
(04:09) 5. Diversify your investments
(05:13) 6. Control your emotions when investing
(06:37) 7. Take calculated risks
(07:59) 8. Negotiating is a very important skill to have
(09:04) 9. Take a time out once in a while

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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a financial adviser. These videos are for educational purposes only. No official financial advice is being given. Please always check with a professional before making any investments or financial decisions. Your investments are your sole responsibility, these videos merely share my own opinions with no guarantee of gain or losses.
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