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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

10 Mindsets You Need to Switch from Employee to Employer

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10 Mindsets You Need to Switch from Employee to Employer

Date: 2021-04-15 09:36:43


There are two sets of people who work in an organization. Those who work to own their establishment and those who work to grow an establishment. In today’s video, we’ll be looking into the two, plus ways you can leverage whatever position you are in, in your favour. Enjoy!

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(0:57) The “Employee Employee” wants to lead a department; The “Employer-Employee” wants to own an establishment.
(01:33) The “Employee Employees” saves money; The “Employer-Employee” saves time.
(02:15) The “Employee Employee” plays safe; The “Employer-Employee” goes on the offensive.
(02:52) The “Employee Employee” is easily threatened by a smart colleague; The “Employer-Employee” tries to team up with the smart ones.
(03:55) The “Employee Employees” dream of their future; The “Employer-Employee” plan the dream of their future.
(04:58) “The Employee Employee” is easily let down by frustration, while the “Employer-Employee” quickly dust himself up when frustration sets in.
(05:58) The “Employee Employees” work hard; The “Employer Employees” work smart
(07:01) The “Employee Employees” always look for who to blame; The “Employer Employees” see a mistake and learn from it.
(07:44) The “Employee Employees” see holidays as a stress break; The “Employer Employees” see such opportunities as an avenue to build into their long-term goals.
(08:39) The “Employee Employee” is only outstanding in a particular area; The “Employer-Employee” strive to strengthen other areas of himself.

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