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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

12 Things poor people don’t know about money

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12 Things poor people don’t know about money

Date: 2021-03-18 13:18:12


In this video, we’ll share with you twelve things poor people don’t know about money. Enjoy!

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(00:03) 1. Anybody can have money
(00:57)2. It’s harder to keep money than to make it
(02:02)3. A million dollars a year isn’t a lot of cash
(02:44)4. Ideas are worth nothing without execution
(03:45)5. Make money while you sleep or you’ll never be rich
(04:30)6. You can pay little to no money in tax if you start a business
(05:27)7. Focus on increasing income instead of cutting down costs
(06:08)8. Wealth is acquired with time
(06:57)9. Never borrow money that doesn’t go towards making more money
(08:00)10. You earn in proportion to your ability to use the tools you have at your disposal
(08:46)11. If you associate with poor people you will be poor
(09:23)12. College has nothing to do with making money

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