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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

NO MORE ZERO DAYS – New Motivational Video (This Will Change Your Life!)

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NO MORE ZERO DAYS – New Motivational Video (This Will Change Your Life!)

Date: 2021-01-05 05:22:42


“I just don’t care about myself.” If this is you, then this video is for you!
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“Rule #1: There are no more zero days. A zero day is when you don’t do a single solitary thing towards whatever your dream or goal is in this life. You need to make a decision that there are no more zero days.”

This video was inspired by r/ryans01’s now legendary post on Reddit. Special thanks to him for giving us permission to create this motivational video to spread his amazing advice to anyone struggling with motivation and procrastination.

►The original post on reddit:
►The r/NonZeroDay subreddit (a place to share your daily progress towards your goals):
►Spoken by Marcus Taylor:

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Marcus “Elevation” Taylor

Marcus is a sought after Transformational and Motivational speaker, pastor, film maker, singer and musician. He is also the CEO and creative director of Unlock Elevation, a forward-thinking transformational ecosystem that educates and empowers people from all over the world to unlock their future. Marcus is a lyrical architect on a mission to help millions build a bridge from dreams to reality through the gift and power of language.

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