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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

Walmart Couponing 101: How to Shop Smarter & Get Free Groceries

Save money by using coupons

Walmart Couponing 101: How to Shop Smarter & Get Free Groceries

Want to save money by using coupons? Here’s a few ways you can get started today!


Date: 2019-08-19 16:55:25


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Knowing how to coupon at Walmart is key to scoring the best Walmart deals and clearance β€” you can even get free groceries when you use our shopping strategy! Follow us and we’ll teach you how to navigate the Walmart coupon policy like a money-saving ninja.

0:28 Walmart manufacturer coupon policy.
0:54 Make money at Walmart!
1:31 How to stack rebate apps with coupons to save the most.
2:18 Coupon redemption rules.
2:49 THE best time to shop clearance!
3:09 How to not be overwhelmed as you learn to coupon.
3:30 Using the markdown date to determine when you should buy.
3:53 Rollback prices go back up?!
4:12 Save on produce, meat and bakery items.
4:28 Using to find in-store clearance.
5:13 Finding clearance on
5:32 Can you price match at Walmart?
5:52 Get FREE deluxe size samples at many Walmarts.
6:17 Free grocery pickup.
6:38 Save $10 on your first grocery pickup order with this code!
7:06 Free next-day delivery.
7:39 Fill generic prescriptions for less than $5 even without insurance!
7:56 How to find the best Walmart Black Friday deals.

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