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NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE – The Most Motivational Interview Attila Korosi


NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE – The Most Motivational Interview Attila Korosi

Date: 2019-12-05 13:00:10


NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! The Most Motivational Interview with Filmmaker Attila Korosi. This is how he went from a war torn country to a college athlete with a full scholarship and now a filmmaker in America.

“When I told people I want to go to America to make the greatest movies, they reacted as if I said I want to be an Astronaut and fly to Mars. Life is all about perspectives…Growing up in a war is not as bad as you might think. At least for a kid. People are kinder, closer, and everyone gives you candy. Schools are often closed and you get to play soccer, basketball, and hide and seek all day long. Now, don’t think I’m pro war or anything like that it is just as I said, life is about perspectives. War was given to me and I will make the best out of it. Regardless of your circumstances and the obstacles you might be facing, the human mind is built to do wonders. Everything else is just an excuse. Remember that!” – Attila Korosi, writer and director, known for City Full of Angels (2015), In His Shadow (2012) and Maze of Fate.

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Host: Torrie Jones

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Speaker: Attila Korosi

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