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Single Parent Side Hustle

Single Parent Side Hustle

What Truly Separates The Rich From The Poor


What Truly Separates The Rich From The Poor

Date: 2019-10-13 12:00:00


In the world we live in today, the richest 1% of the population controls 48% of the total wealth and the top 80 richest individuals are worth as much as half the world’s population or roughly 3.5 billion people. When considering these figures, there is no doubting the fact that there is a separation between the rich and the poor. While many people assume these wealthy individuals gained their wealth by being born into wealth or winning the lottery, that simply isn’t true. In fact, only 11 out of the 80 richest individuals were passed down their fortunes with the other 69 having made their wealth through their own hard work and determination. And one of these 69 individuals is none other than the investor mogul himself, Warren Buffett. Like the majority of these rich individuals, Warren Buffett grew up in a middle-class family but found a way to amass the knowledge and skills that would eventually lead him to accumulating a wealth of over $70 billion.


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